Monday, 3 July 2017

Imagination Leee John is number one

Big congratulations to Imagination Feat. Leee John whose new album ‘Retropia’ and the album’s lead single ‘Do It Right Now’ on Cristal Records are currently topping the UK Soul chart.

There is a lot of interest in the album as Leee John has recently just been on TV shows that  include Lorraine, The Wright Show & The BBC One Show.

Billed as the group’s penultimate album, ‘Retropia’ features the unmistakable vocals of Leee John set against Imagination’s equally distinctive combination of retro soul, funk and jazz.

Since first lighting up the charts during the 1980s and selling over 30 million records thanks to an impressive run of hits such as ‘Body Talk’, ‘Just An Illusion’, ‘Flashback’, ‘Music & Lights’ and ‘Changes’, the multi-award-winning British soul group’s lead vocalist/songwriter Leee John has enjoyed throughout the years a prolific career as a solo artist, collaborator, songwriter, producer and, more recently, a filmmaker.

And after such a long wait for ‘Retropia’ Leee says fans can expect one more Imagination album: “I always knew ‘Retropia’ was going to eventually happen one day, I just didn’t realise there would be such a long period of time over the years in between. As soon as we finished recording this album it became obvious to me we have one more to go, so I’m now in the unusual position of knowing this is Imagination’s penultimate album.”
The recording process for ‘Retropia’ would become a vital catharsis for Leee, who was coming to terms with the death of his sister Linda and three close friends in the space of a year. Leee said, “I felt like I was in emotional whirlpool; trying to deal with all these deaths and supporting my family, especially my mother who’d lost a daughter, and my best friend’s daughters who’d now lost both parents.”
Understandably, recording the vocals in such circumstances was emotionally demanding. Leee said, “There are several songs on the album that remind me of my sister, including the song ‘Brighter Day’ which I wrote in Munich on the day she had her accident and subsequently passed away 24 hours later. I couldn't listen to the song - much less sing it - without thinking of her, but I somehow found the inner-strength to realise what I had written was uplifting and had a spiritual sense of dealing with life's trials. It took so much of my strength to perform it.”
Produced in London in LJ Studios with long-time associate producer/engineer Dee Vaz, and mixed by Fran├žois Gaucher at Alhambra Studios in Rochford, France, Leee produced, arranged, wrote and co-wrote all the songs on ‘Retropia’, except for the album’s four covers versions: Eddie Kendrick’s ‘Tell Her Love Has Felt The Need’, Junior Murvin’s ‘Police and Thieves’ (a secret bonus track which was co-produced with Dennis Bovell), a collaboration with the Gibson Brothers and acclaimed British blues guitarist Mark Vandergucht on AC/DC’s ‘Highway To Hell’, and another collaboration on Stevie Wonder’s ‘Visions’ with Level 42’s Mike Lindup, which was recorded for the charity SOS Children, of which Leee has been a Patron for the past 18 years.

With Retropia dedicated to Imagination’s fans around the world, the set also includes songs which Leee has performed on stage live but, surprisingly, has never placed on any album until now. These songs include ‘Utopia’, ‘Make Your Mind Up’ and ‘Fantasia’, which became an underground classic when Leee put it out in the early ‘90s as a white-label obscurity under the name Johnny X.
Looking ahead to the album’s release, Leee said, “The recording of Retropia got me through a very dark time and gave me the strength to keep in our hearts the spirit of those who are no longer with us. Each song creates a tapestry of time, and the music and the melodies will live on long after we are gone.”
Described by the BBC as “classic Imagination…but fresh and very much 2017”, the single ‘Do It Right Now’ has already become  a Solar Radio’s ‘Single Of The Week’ and delighted to announce it's second week at   number# 1 in the UK Soul Charts.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Out Of The Blue Keni Stevens hits Number One

Congratulations to Keni Stevens who is number one in the Soul charts! 30 years after his album 'Blue Moods' hit the spot selling over a million copies worldwide.   

Out of the blue marks the long awaited return to the world stage for British soul singer Keni Stevens, who is currently taking bookings for pa's and festivals around the world. 

The CD is currently available in record stores in most parts of the world, and it sure does come Out Of The Blue, the first single from the album ONE WAY TICKET TO LOVE  is available as a download from DSG via iTunes. 
Keni Stevens turned the Brit soul scene upside down by daring to move away from 'the dance beat' with his debut album Blue Moods. Blue Moods topped the soul charts in the mid 80's and became a landmark album of ballads selling over 150,000 copies in the UK alone.

This latest work 'Out of the Blue' comes completely 'out of the blue'. The production expertly crafted by musician producer Mx-Ze pulls from classic and contemporary soul, setting up a classy mid tempo backdrop for Keni to deliver in his unmistakable dark smokey style.
Songs are about life, love and relationships taking us on a journey through emotions and feelings we have all touched upon as our lives have unfolded, with its inevitable, twists, turns, ups and downs.
Stevens is the son of a US serviceman and began his career working in a record shop, selling deleted catalogues of soul and lovers rock, rock steady and reggae music. His first move into music came in the mid 1970s, when he joined as lead singer for the group Raw Energy. Raw Energy members included Alan Cooke (now a British actor starring in London Bridge) and Peter Hinds (who went on to play keyboards for 1980s Brit funk band Light of the World). Raw Energy were signed to Conflict Records, but disbanded after 18 months of playing gigs up and down the country.
Stevens was taken on as A&R man for Conflict Records, and being responsible for releasing lovers rock and rock steady music by artists such as Gregory Isaacs in the UK. Stevens also worked as a session singer with Eddy Grant and Marianne Faithfull, before signing to the Elite label as a solo artist in 1985.
Blue Moods period...
Stevens released two singles on Elite Records in 1985, "Night Moves" and "All Day All Night", which were played by specialist UK radio stations. This led to interest in his work, although he was initially mistaken for being a US artist. Polygram offered Stevens a £2.5 million recording contract, which he declined feeling it would threaten his independence.
Staying with Elite Records, Stevens recorded his debut album, Blue Moods. Two singles, "Too Much Too Soon" (on Elite Records) and "Cannot Live Without Your Love" (on the newly formed Jam Today label) were released as 12-inch singles, before Blue Moods appeared on Jam Today in 1987. "Cannot Live Without Your Love" was featured on several soul compilation albums, such as Upfront 6 (on Serious Records).   

Blue Moods sold over 150,000 copies in the UK alone, and over a million worldwide. Stevens appeared on a few television shows to promote the album, including, Solid Soul. He released a further two albums, You and Living on the Edge, on Debut Records.
"I am often asked if I write songs for anyone in particular. The reaction to my answer tells me whether or not the questioner understands my work. The answer is no. My songs are about adult relationships and situations.... I don't expect you to change anything in your life or relationship because of these songs, I can only hope they might shed some light on some of the things that often go unsaid in relationships. Therefore enjoy the songs and take from them anything you might find applicable to your own situation.... That's what this recording is about and after all, if you're reading this you've probably paid for it!" [Reproduced from Keni Stevens' You album sleeve notes.

Great to see Brit Soul back at the top of the Soul charts! The album has been successfully promoted by Gary Van den Bussche of DSG Radio Promotions. 
 Credits from Keni....
All tracks Written by
G. Ingram K Stevens
Except - All That I have
Written by
G Ingram Jess Stevens
Produced and mixed by Mx-Ze
All instruments played by Mx-Ze
Additional Muicians
Ronnie Stazacher- Guitar- All That I have
Steve Salvari - Guitar -Come into my Life
Rico Garofalo- Saxaphone- Loving you is All I have
Background Vocals
Keni Stevens
Jess Stevrens
Additional Voices
Keni Stevens
Jess Stevens
Graham Ingram
Technical Support
Cameron McAnuff- Software and system set up/ Pre Mastering
Paul Waller- Software and system set up.
Chris Cox Tech support.
Special Thanks from Keni Stevens to
Dawn for supporting me and encouraging me to do what I know
Jess Stevens for your immeasurable contribution. Thanks also to Gary Van Den Bussche for his support and endeavour
Special Thanks from Mx-Ze to Lorraine Cavanagh for being so patient with loving
support throughout the project.
Yazon Muzas for pushing me to get a decent set up. Thanks Yaz xx

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Brenda Jones Tribute

We are sad to report the passing of our friend Brenda Jones.
It was reported on her sister's Facebook wall that she had been hit by a car.
According to her sister, Shirley Jones, the singer was struck on Monday, April 3, by several cars while attempting to cross the street while visiting her daughter in Wilmington, Delaware.

Our friendship began when it was reported back in July 2013, that she was homeless. We started a campaign through our DiscoSoulGold page on Facebook for help. Help arrived and she was moved from a shelter to a hotel and then later to a new home with her daughter and Granddaughter.
I only spoke to her last weekend, we spoke about what she was up to, Grandchildren, going back on stage, to even going back to recording. She loved her fans, stage and the artists she worked with had lots of lovely memories to talk about.
                               (Brenda Jones interview with Solar Radio's Gary Spence )

As part of The Jones Girls, Brenda sang the lead vocals on many of their classic's including This Feelings Killing Me, You Made Me Love You, You're Gonna Make Me Love, Life Goes On, We're A Melody, I'm at your Mercy, Dance Turned Into a Romance, I Close My Eyes, When I'm Gone, ASAP, Lets Be Friends First, What a Fool, I Can Make A Difference, Why You Wanna do That To Me, AH AH AH AH, plus the co-Lead on 'Nights over Egypt among others..

The list of artists the Jones Girls have sung with is like a who's who is Soul music, but these are a few examples Isaac Hayes, Lou Rawls, Prince Phillip Mitchell, Linda Clifford, The Four Tops.

Their performances with Diana Ross opened many doors for the girls. Ross gave them a brief interlude in her show where they would sing "If I Ever Lose This Heaven," a song popularized by Quincy Jones. Kenny Gamble of Philadelphia International Records and singer Patti LaBelle were in the audience during a Philadelphia performance, and after the show, Ross introduced them to The Jones Girls; the group signed with Philadelphia International in early 1979 and the rest they say is history.

Brenda Jonesgirl had spent a lot of time concentrating on her family life. Brenda's last release was “What Your Love Has Done” which was originally written, produced and arranged by Dewey Andrew in 2007 and co-produced by the late George Mena with additional melodies and arrangements that were co-produced by Brenda JonesGirl. The song was left in the can after the sad loss of George Mena, until 2013 when Dewey Andrew decided this needed to be released, so Brenda Jonesgirl went back in the recording studio to add some extra vocal touches with Dewey in the production chair once again, giving the song that magical touch, that chart in the UK Soul charts reaching #1 in many of them. Unfortunately this was Brenda's only solo release.

Her dream was to go back on the stage, but due to life's obstacles and her circumstance it was not meant to be. She would say to me 'God Has It' She used to say Fasho! I never could say it as she wanted me to.

It's no secret that she did not get on with her sister Shirley, but i'm pleased to say that due to the Sister Sledge family despute, they did make up and talked about touring again as The Jones Girls.

May she forever rest in peace, with her sister Valorie and her Mum. We are Gonna miss you Brenda.


R.I.P Brenda Jones of The Jones Girls (7th December 1955- 3rd April 2017) 

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Marc Staggers UK Soul Chart Number one

Marc Staggers The Gentleman Of Soul returns to follow up last years double Soul number one success of 'Let Me Be The One' & 'Bring It Home To Me', with Keep Those Fires Burning. Great news this week as Keep Those Fires Burning has jumped to #1 on the official UK Soul chart!  Giving Marc three number ones in a row in the UK Soul charts. 

Keep Those Fires Burning was co-written by Marc Staggers with the song producer Nigel Lowis. The song is released from Marc Staggers forthcoming album 'Timeless'. Marc Staggers before the DSG release of  'Bring It Home To Me' was recorded was in fact going to give up singing & the record business! Luckily Gary Spence of Solar Radio introduced Marc Staggers to DSG and the rest is now history.

The Full length Nigel Lowis mix is available to download only, with the Radio mix available for streams and downloads! The Inferno mix is released 31st March.
You said...
Bigger said: Marc Staggers delivered one of THE Soul tracks of 2016 and you know what? He's gone and done it again in 2017. KTFB is gonna take some stopping for SOUL TRACK OF THE YEAR!
Marc always delivers and with the loss of Luther it is so good to see someone still giving us real quality vocals and songs in 2017.
This just gives me goose bumps - Gary Spence Solar Radio
Best DSG Release to date and i've loved them all! Mc Goff
So good to have voices like Marc's still coming through and giving the soul scene such a buzz . This is quality , so lush and a number one .
John Leech BBC Soul Show
Dripping in Philadelphia International class, The Soul paternity is gonna love this one, that's for sure!
Paul Miller BBC 

Marc Staggers is currently recording his forthcoming album Timeless with producer Nigel Lowis.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Jimmy Gallagher lets it all Blow!

DSG are proud to Present Jimmy Gallagher first solo single release with The Soul City People which is currently cooking up a storm with only two copies out there! 

Jazz Fm's John Osborne has been playing it on his Saturday Night 'Funky Sensation' show which has lead to many people asking where they can get hold of the track, John said it's making him move parts he has not moved in years! 

The Soul City Theme is part of a double a side with Philly nights where i'm sure you will feel the Philly Bumping influences from the likes of The Salsoul Orchestra, Love Unlimited or indeed MFSB.
All about Jimmy .... Jimmy Gallagher The Saxophonist who is so musically talented that plays Alto,Soprano, Tenor saxes.Flute, wind , Synth,Vocals & also Keyboards.
Jimmy's Early Years….

He started playing sax when he was just 10 years old and would often be seen playing weekends with the wedding band in his dads pub. When Gallagher reached 16 he was busking in Glasgow with some mates and was approached by a man named Elliot Davis. This led to touring with a band called Morrocan Coco,and then to a Scottish tour with label mates wet wet wet.
He decided around 18 that he wanted to be in London working, so after attending a Jazz summer school he joined a band with a guy he'd met there called Len Arran. The band was called Siren and featured Dominique Atkins on vox, len on guitar, Gallagher on saxes. After the band changed it's name to Big Blue Sea they did pretty well for 4 or 5 years.
He then embarked on a session career with my first successful recording being 3 tracks for a band called Bros of 'When Will I Be Famous' fame.
Soon after he then met Nigel Lowis which led to various sessions between 1988 and 1998 for such people as Vanessa Mae, Dina Carroll, Tom Jones, Eternal, Louise, Terry Ronald, Sara Brightman, London Beat, Soup Dragons,Guru Josh,Therapy? To name but a few.
During this time when Gallagher wasn’t touring or recording, but often did gigs around London with The Gill Manly Band at Ronnie Scotts,The 606 Club,China Jazz, Pizza on the Park with Ian Shaw at the Vortex and Pizza Express. With Mark Murphy, Helena paul. Gallagher played on Ola Onabule first album which also included touring as part of Ola's band. 

The Continental years….
Around 1997 he received an offer from an old friend Jason Wright,to relocate to
Germany, which led to working with a 14 piece band playing all over Europe.
Gallagher now resident currently in mallorca and play around 300 gigs a year as well as working with The Soul City Orchestra and Nigel Lowis!   

Jimmy Gallagher & The Soul City Orchestra will be released on Friday April 7th on Full length download on DSG through iTunes and Amazon or a short version via streaming sites.

.soulandjazzandfunk Review here! Just Click

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Donovan Blackwood is Number One

Congratulations to UK Soul singer Donovan Blackwood on his single ' Never Gonna Let You Go'' the remastered bonus cut on his new EP 'Break My Back', that is currently #1 in the official UK Soul Chart, the chart goes out every Sunday evening on Starpoint Radio and then repeated through the week, you can find it in print in Blues & Soul Magazine and on Starpoint Radio's web site.

I was shocked reading the credits on his website as through out the promotion he never mentioned he is also an award winning actor! As an actor played The Chief in the series Top Coppers on BBC3, for which he won the Movie Video and Screen Award for Best Comedy Performance the show then transferred to BBC2. He also featured as Drill Sergeant Baxter in The Windsors, as well as an appearance as Roughneck in Miss You Already, his voiceover work includes both Sony & Rubicon.

Break My Back features the love song 'Can You Feel ' plus the visceral title track. Whilst Star is both funky and soulful to the reflective 'We Had Moments', then ending the EP 'Everybody But Me' which was co written with Blackwood's friend Junior Giscombe, (Mama Used To Say), whom he has recently made a guest appearance on The British Collective’s latest album, The Renaissance Begins, on the track Won’t You Come Over which also features Junior Giscombe, Roachford, Lee John (of Imagination), Omar, Don E & Noel McKoy.

He is currently lead vocalist for the band Heatwave who scored top UK hits with, Boogie Nights, Always & Forever & The Groove Line, which he has done for many years in the UK, alongside Keith Wilder.
The UK Soul star sounds in a similar styles and has been compared to the likes of, Seal, Sean Escoffery, Terence Trent D'Arby, in other words UK soul with a bit of an edge. Donovan Blackwood is no newcomer to the UK Soul Scene, he has supported, Aswad & Jocelyn Brown, sung backing vocals with the likes of Lionel Richie, Tina Turner, James Morrison and many others. It's great to see Donovan Blackwood on top of the stack where he belongs!

Stop Press - Donovan Blackwood will be doing a live acoustic set LIVE on Solar Radio Thursday 26th of January on Gary Spence's Afternoon Delight show between 3-6 UK Time.   

Saturday, 7 January 2017

SoulfusionSeven Steppin' Up to Number one

SOULFUSIONSEVEN are soul duo comprising bassist/songwriter John Saltwell and lyricist Paul Baker. We first heard of 'em on a Tom Glide's 2014 'Smooth Winter' compilation on which their 'Steppin' Up My Love' was a highlight. The track went on to hit no. 1 in the Amazon Nu soul chart. Since then not a lot, save a sweet and stately tribute to Luther Vandross, 'Luther'.

Back in 2016 at the time of 'Steppin' Up My Love',  Gary Van den Bussche of DSG commissioned remixes of the song but for whatever reasons the new mixes were never issued. However, over the last month or so Paul Baker allowed some key DJs access to the T-Groove Yuki "T-Groove" Takahashi mix of the cut and the reaction was remarkable with many top modern jocks picking the cut as their "best of 2016"! 

Logically the tweak is now being made available to all and sundry via DSG Records... and was the wait worth it? Well ... yes! The Yuki Takahashi T Groove mix of 'Steppin' Up My Love' is a classic slab of modern soul... you know what I mean – totally contemporary but with just the right amount of retro to fuel the nostalgia freaks. Beats are tight, harmonies sweet, the bass line rock solid and it's all topped off with a soulful sax break. Great stuff and it's backed with the more balladic 'Watching An Angel'.

SoulfusionSeven - Steppin' Up My Love - (Yuki T-Groove remix) is out now on DSG through i Tunes Download here  and Amazon
                                  (Japan's #1 Remix producer Yuki T- Groove)
Review: with thanks to Bill.

The song is currently #1 on the Amazon  R&B Chart in Japan! 

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

LUV Sympli Whitney

Whitney Marshall a.k.a. Sympli Whitney was born in Springfield, MA in 1976 and raised in Framingham, MA by her two loving parents Benjamin and Lucy Marshall; both devout Christians and ordained Baptist ministers, Whitney's vocal journey started early as a young gospel alto in various church choirs from middle school through college.

During her college years she became more confident in her performance abilities after landing lead female vocals for an up and coming funk band out of Indiana known as The Big Bang Theory. It was in this period of time Whitney began to really show her first true signs of greatness, performing alongside George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelics at Ball State University was the highlight of this time for Sympli Whitney.

After college Whitney joined the work force which led her to an interest in criminal justice. This eagerness to learn found Whitney enlisting in the US Army in 2002 and living abroad for several years before being honorably discharged after suffering an injury while in S. Korea in 2006. Upon return to her family's home in Framingham, Whitney, again driven by her love for helping people, followed a career path in human services, adolescent healthcare, mental health and healthcare administration in which she holds an MBA. All while actively singing lead/co-lead female vocals in a variety of local bands around the Boston area such as Mystique, Nemisis, E-Water Band and Athene Wilson and Friends; all this in addition to forming her own band, perfectly named Sympli Whitney.

In 2014, Sympli Whitney appeared on BET's APOLLO LIVE season 2 airing on September 26th, where she received accolades from the legendary Gladys Knight, Boston's own Michael Bivins and the incomparable Doug E. Fresh! The Judges, searched for words to explain why they enjoyed her performance and why they were each impressed. Whitney has that effect on people. It’s hard to say who she reminds you of because she has a sound and vocal style of her own, yet she could remind you of such legends as Evelyn King, Patrice Rushen or maybe Cherelle. Whitney was one of the featured artists on the 2014 independent release titled “Indie Soul United 2.” She was featured on “7 Days A Week,” “I’d Rather Say Good Morning” and a remake of the Stevie Wonder classic “Black Man.” “ISU 2” reached the #2 spot on the U.K. Soul Chart. 

Fast forwarding to the present, Sympli Whitney continues to win fans all over around the world with her soulful voice. Landing on several UK charts, such as the UK Top 30 Soul Chart, early January 2016's release of her freshman album 'Ryze of the Phoenix', would spark a fire that would not dim for almost 8 months! With powerful single remixes like 'The Best' by Colin Watson released on UK Soul designer label DSG, to the bouncy French vinyl release of the double a side 'Get Enuff & Fresh Luv which were captivating nostalgic beats pounding you out of your seat and into a dancing frenzy like you were in the 80's, but with enuff feel for today. It's is no wonder Sympli didn't slow on the UK Soul charts for some time and no wonder why Whitney is featured in all the best of chart for 2016, with her album, 'Ryze of the Phoenix' and singles, 'The Best' & 'Get Enuff' / 'Fresh Love'. 

Sympli Whitney has stars in her eyes and with determination will make this her best year yet, with the release of the Colin Watson remix ep of, L.U.V, Get Enuff, and the mid tempo Echoes which has a reggae surprise breakdown init to expanded her yet to another audience of open minded, 80's groovin', 2017 R&B music lovers of the world. Enjoy The Sympli Whitney, Colin Watson remixed' L.U.V ' EP which is released on DSG Friday 20th January 2016.

Gary Spence's Record Of The Week - Echoes CW MIX from the LUV EP 

 Tony Monson of Solar Radio talks at the end about remixes. 

Download here on i Tunes

Soultracks First Listen review

Sympli Whitney reaches #1, #2 & #6 on Amazon UK R&B chart!

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Luxury Soul 2017

Your yearly Luxury Soul box set injection of top selling Soul music is nearly upon us. With the injection ready, here is your Soulful fix of magical delights for 2017.

After only two album releases and the loss of band member Kae Williams Jr, it's a 'Gift Of Love' to see them back again with new materiel and also performing soon live in the UK with The Pockets, who's original members, bassist Gary Grainger, lead vocalist Larry Jacobs, percussionist-auxiliary drummer Greg,the bands 2016 release 'Sing A Message' is also included here, it's a mid tempo funky shuffler, almost Earth Wind & Fire in parts.  

DSG's Hannah White Joey Nelson remix of 'That's Love' is here on CD for the first time, it's Latino driven mix that saw the song reach top 5 in the UK soul charts, and pleasesd crowds at The Camp Soul Music Festival, The Solar Radio Boat party & Caister Soul Festival. Fe Fae catchy It's A beautiful day, Tom Glide's dreamy UK Soul #1 'All I Need Is You' featuring Funmilayo NGozi .

 Modern Soul favorites Cool Million are present with Kiki Kyte 'Disco Chick' and (Frank) Ryles 'Two Way Love Affair' which with remixes will be the new single from Ryles #1 Soul Album, 'Adventures of Jefferson Keyes'. Amazing to think it's be three years since Gary Van den Bussche discovered SouLutions, who have since followed, their #1 DSG release Listen with a top selling album last year called' Destiny' and a big #1 double A Side single this year in which,' Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover'' which is included  on this album and like many of the tracks for the first time on CD.

 The groovy Doggett Brothers are here with a Japanese remix by T-Groove. R&B/Soul fans will be happy with the inclusion of ' Moving On', By Faye B, Kim Tibbs 'I Need Your Love', Latrese Bush 'Love I Can Sing About', Lovell 'Groove With You' & The nephew of The Three Degrees’ Helen Scott, Ashley Scott debut recording 'Words' is present here, as is, HD Laura Jackson adding some sugar with the catchy, 'Nothing But Love'. One of the Summer's biggest Soul hits was Sargent Tucker featuring Drizabone 'I Need Your Love' where Billy Drizabone even plays live drums on the track himself, it was released on a Limited 7 inch pressing with now only the last few left from

 Soulful House music fans, will be pleased with the inclusion of Phil Asher’s West Ten Mix of 'Asking Eyes', Ed The Red's Catchy 'Wish You Mine'. It's been a good year for DSG's blue eyed Soul duo Mather & Kingdon, included here you will find their cover of Barry Whites' I Found Love, plus from Mather recorded debut solo album, which reached #2 in the UK Soul charts from the album the first single release, which is his cover of Ronn Matlock's modern Soul gem, ' I Can't Forget About You'. 

Quality oldies by the likes of, Rose Royce, Brandi Wells, Jean Carne & the late Kashif who sadly passed this year, but earlier in the year he performing live at the Blackpool at the Luxury Soul Weekender 2016, so it's a nice tribute to include, Can We Just Get Along? A fantastic collection of tunes, compiled by Ralph Tee, think your agree a massive collection of future classics! - A MUST BUY

(Mr Ralph Expansions Tee  pictured here with Tracy Hamlin and Alton McClain Scarborough)
Here is the track listing ...
Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover - Soulutions
I Need You For Your Love! - Kim Tibbs
Gift Of Love - Breakwater
That's Love (Joey Nelson Mix) - Hannah White
Two Way Love Affair - Ryle
Moving On - Faye B
You Make Me Feel (T-Groove Remix) - Doggett Brothers
Where Do We Go (Boogie Back Remix) - Conell C.C. Carter
Let's Have A Good Time - Andy Stokes
Love I Can Sing About - Latrese Bush
Groove With You - Lovell
Asking Eyes (Phil Asher’s West Ten Mix)- Da Lata
Your Love Is All I Need - Alton McClain
Disco Chick - Kiki Kyte
Running Away (DOS 7” Dub) - Simpson Uniquity
It's A Beautiful Day - Fe Fae
Sing A Message - Pockets
All I Need Is You (5am Jazzy Jam Rework) - Tom Glide
I Need Your Love (Drizabone Remix) - Sargent Tucker feat. Drizabone
I Can't Forget About You - Mather
Nothing But Love - HD Laura Jackson
Can We Just Get Along? - Kashif
Emotion (Reel People Vocal Mix)- Tracy Hamlin
I Found Love - Mather & Kingdon
Now - Camera Soul
Take U Back (DJ Mix) - Joyce Irby
Wish You Mine (Ed The Red's Funk Soul Mix) - Ed The Red
All My Love - Keith Patrick
Early Morning Love - Jean Carne
It's Your Love - Ethel Beatty
Makeusmile (Tom Glide Rework)- Kenya
Words - Ashley Scott
Why Can't We Be Lovers - Brandy Wells
I Want You - Rose Royce
Heading Home - Kenny Wellington

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Hannah White Christmas

Every year peeps moan that there are no new Christmas songs composed, so this year at DSG we have released  three new Christmas songs that feature Hannah White. 
London based Hannah White is a singer/songwriter in her own unique jazzy style with a Soulful touch - White began her singing career touring in a Girlband and as a backing vocalist that were signed to Motown records after graduating from Drama School.

White has worked with many influential artists, such as Kenney Jones (Small Faces), Ronnie Wood, Mick Jagger & Ringo Starr. Whilst on tour Hannah started writing her own music for her forthcoming album, White is presently working as a recording artist/session singer/songwriter in all genres of music, but more recently with UK Soul Singer Kenny Thomas who is always in demand for his live shows. White has recorded with Soul Music legends Little Anthony & George Benson as part of the DSG Family, Mather of Mather & Kingdon & Marc Staggers. 

Master producer Nigel Lowis is currently co-writing and producing her forthcoming album due for release on DSG. Hannah’s first release ‘Sunny Day’ went to number one on many Soul charts after her live appearance at the Sold Out Caister Soul Festival. Sunny Day can also be found on Expansion records compilation, Soul Togetherness 2016. 

‘That’s Love’ White's second single was performed for the first time at the sold out, Camp Soul Music festival in Oxford, the song reached the UK Soul chart top 20 & #4 in the Sweet Rhythms Chart, as well as a #2 position in the Amazon R&B Chart. Hannah White's album ‘Lost in Reverie’ is due to launch in Spring 2017, her style is a mix of jazz/soul with a world inspired music with a hint of Vintage Hollywood & always a glass of Champagne on the side, as they say when in Roma!
(Hit making producer Nigel Lowis with Songstress Hannah White writing, Santa Bring My Baby)

Why is Christmas special to you ?
(HW) I love Christmas because everybody is happy, people come together and there is love in the air. It is a very special time of year that you don’t just get at any other month or season.
Do you have any Brother & Sisters i have an older sister called Shelley.
(HW) Memories of Past Christmas's as a Kid Christmas’ have always been a family orientated one for me. Just spending time together and having fun, eating and drinking. One year we went to Las Vegas for Christmas, another we went to Australia….but nothing beats a cold wintery UK Xmas.
Favorite X Mas Gift
(HW) As a kid I always had great Christmas gifts, I was very lucky indeed. in 1988 I got a pink Peugeot racer bike (That i rode about three times then never touched again, that my dad always reminds me of)
Favorite X Mas Music
(HW) Andy Williams is always on repeat at Xmas. And Donny Hathaway ‘This Christmas’ makes me so happy.
When did you open (time) your presents as a kid ?
(H W) Early! It is the one day a year i would be good at waking up as early as possible.
Perfect Christmas ?
(HW) Is being with the ones you love and feeling content.
Did your parents or & Santa buy you the presents ?
(HW) Always Santa!
Any other Christmas thoughts ?
(HW) Christmas, although one of my favourite times of year, for some it can be a very sad or lonely time. The year i will make a conscious effort to reach out to others who may not be as fortunate or have a family around them. We all get so swept up on rushing about preparing and lose sight of the actual meaning of it all.

 Santa & The sweet rhythms Band - Christmas Cheer (North Pole mix)
all money raised going to Macmillian Cancer Support. This new re-grooved 
version features not only, Leanne McCrei, Roger Samuels, Jimmy Gallagher, 
but now Hannah White. Big thanks to Gary Spence, Tony Monson & 
The Solar 
Radio DJ's for contributing to the North Pole Panto Mix.    

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Clif Payne Freda Payne number One hit

Producer Preston Glass unites the Paynes together for a timeless ballad, which has now been remixed by Nigel Lowis as a ballad called downtempo mix (DOWNtown mix) or Uptempo in a UPtown mix, which has just released on DSG. You can feel the Soulfulness in the vocals which cut through Lowis's phillyesque remix production. People have already been comparing the cut to Patti & Michael's' On My Own',  Peaches & Herb' Reunited'.  If there such a thing these days as The Last Dance, we would hear songs like this more often.

The song has just reached #1 on the Sweet Rhythms chart & is the highest new entry in the UK soul chart. The song was written by Larry Batiste, Preston Glass & Clif Payne.

Harlem-born singer Clif Payne was first Discovered by Bobby McFerrin, is a 3-time Star Search winner who has opened for Johnny Mathis, Tony Bennett, Dionne Warwick and Lakeside. Clif hails from a family of musicians and singers. His father was a reedsman who gigged with Lionel Hampton. His mother was a talented vocalist who once backed Nat "King" Cole in a vocal ensemble. Skilled at reading music, arranging and improvisation, Clif's voice has been featured on numerous albums and commercials. Several years of living in LA enabled Clif to sing with incredible musicians and share the stage with jazz diva Dianne Reeves, Lionel Richie and The Commodores, Tony Toni Tone, and Sheila E. Clif has sung with American Idol judge & vocal coach Peggy Blu, Four Play drummer Harvey Mason, Grammy award-winning producer Narada Michael Walden (Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin), Lenny Williams, jazz fusionists Hiroshima, former Chicago vocalist Bill Champlin and legendary R&B band, Tower of Power. Actress Michelle Pfeiffer requested Clif to sing "When A Man Loves A Woman" at her wedding reception.

As a voice teacher, has studied with legendary LA vocal coach Seth Riggs (Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder) associates, Chip Hand and Roger Burnley. Clif's strength as a teacher is rooted in his musical diversity, experience, patience, encouragement and passion for sharing what he has learned in performance and study to his students. Clif's motto: "Sing not just to be heard--but also to be heartfelt and believed!"

What you said:
* R & B of the highest level on this record of Clif Payne will surprise you."
* "Clif Payne is a lush tenor with soaring melismas in his individual passages."
Don Heckman, LA Times
*Clif has opened for Johnny Mathis, Lenny Williams, Tony Bennett and Dionne Warwick
* "A great singer that reminds me of Kenny Lattimore."
Freda Payne (Jazz/R&B vocalist "Band of Gold
The best soul ballad I've heard in 2016 . It sounds timeless and the song exudes in quality, with its infectious melody . The vocals are so lucid and their voices intergrate effortlessly . I love this song ! Perfect end, to a brilliant year of new soul . John Leech BBC 
A soul Master piece My Record of the week Forever haha It Gives me goose bumps Gary Spence the man With The Sweet from Solar Radio.
It's hard to believe that such a beautiful record could be made in 2016.
Ian Levine
My Song Of The Month - Michael K Amil -Teerex Radio
I LOVE IT - Tony Monson
My Favorite Song Of The Year - Shaun Louis
Just Beautiful - John Osborne Jazz FM /Solar Radio
“instant classic” Chris Rizik - Soul Tracks
With just a little luck this could be a surprise Christmas hit! William Buckley 
Paul Miller BBC- My E Mail server exploded by the public response to Clif Payne & Freda Payne
Love It - Ralph Tee - Expansion Records

Freda Payne is a worldwide household name who first record release was in 1962, Payne was born in Detroit, Michigan, and grew up listening to different jazz singers, such as Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday. Though best known for her 1970 R&B/Soul crossover smash hit “Band of Gold,” Freda Payne has always first and foremost been a jazz singer, dating back to The Jimmy Wilkins Big Band at age 14. Payne performed at the Apollo Theater in Harlem alongside Billy Eckstine backed by Quincy Jones and His Orchestra, comedian Redd Foxx and the dance team Coles & Atkins. She also graced the stage with Duke Ellington for two nights in Pittsburgh, after which he composed “Blue Piano” just for her.. In 1969, her old friends back home in Detroit, Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier, and Edward Holland, Jr., persuaded her to sign with their newly formed record label Invictus. During that same year, her first Invictus single, "Unhooked Generation and became her first American R&B hit. The hits followed, UK #1, "Band of Gold", US #3 "Deeper & Deeper", "Bring the Boys Home",
In 1973, she left Invictus recorded a duet "I Wanna See You Soon" with Capitol stablemates Tavares, which was a radio airplay hit in the UK in 1977. in 1982, she recorded a single entitled "In Motion" for the Sutra label in New York that was arranged by Leon Sylvers, produced by Edmund Sylvers. Freda Payne has recently toured the UK as part of the late David Guest Soul legends live shows.

D O W N L O A D  I T  H E R E 

As compiled by Tony Monson for Solar Radio- See the chart in Echoes Magazine.

There will be a forthcoming album called, The Soul City People to be released next year on CD, which this will also be included , along with some other great artists.  #TSCP